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The Cloud Stove Front End

The Cloud Stove Front End

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The Cloud Stove gives users deployment recommendations for their cloud applications. Application instances are derived from generic blueprints and enriched with the specific characteristics and requirements of the application to be deployed. Blueprints are generic application scaffolds that represent different application architectures to capture relevant differences in overall deployment strategies. Deployment recommendations are created by optimizing the use of available provider offerings with respect to the captured application specifications and requirements.

Backend: https://github.com/sealuzh/cloud-stove

Quick Start

Head to our developer guide in order to get an overview of the project, and how to get it up and running.


Our documentation is being autogenerated using typedoc and can be found on docs.thestove.io.


Want to contribute to the Cloud Stove? Awesome! Please check out the contribution guide for details.

The Public Cloud Stove

Every push to the GitHub repository will initiate a build on wercker. The current status of our CI builds (for all branches) is shown below.

Successful CI builds are then deployed to a Heroku pipeline with a staging application at https://staging.frontend.thestove.io. To inspect and modify the staging app's configuration use the application dashboard.

Self-hosted Deployment

The recommended way to deploy Cloud Stove is with Heroku. You can deploy the app using their free dynos and the free PostgreSQL plan for test installations. For production deployments, you should move to paid dynos to prevent your application from sleeping once your free dyno hours are spent.


Make sure to set the API_URL config variable for your app to a running backend instance, e.g.:

heroku config:set API_URL=https://api.thestove.io

This would set the public Cloud Stove backend as API endpoint for your frontend installation. While this might be suitable for front end-only development, note that you will not be able to log in with an admin user.

Communication & Organization

Planning and development of the Cloud Stove is coordinated using GitHub issues, milestones, and pull requests.

In the Cloud Stove Roadmap we discuss upcoming features for both, the backend and the frontend, and define milestones and issues to implement them.

Daily communication and coordination happens in #cloud-stove at the s.e.a.l. Slack.

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